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Give your room a nice description. Whatever you put, gets displayed on your website. Load a picture of the room and select from the check boxes the facilities offered in that room. It will all be displayed on the website under the room information page. Click on the link to see the availability for that room and click on the image to see a picture of that room and the facilities.

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Four Poster Room >> More Information

This is another example of a room description: A beautiful four poster bed in luxurious surroundings. A glorious room offering comfort of the highest standard. The four poster room boasts a wonderful view over the rolling countryside.

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Floral Room >> More Information

You can include up to 99 rooms on your website and you can also add all your seasonal tariff details. The facilities that are listed on the room information pages are just examples of what you can have. If you want to include other items, then that is easily done. You have complete control over what you include. If you want to add a more detailed tariff for different times of the year, you can.

Click Here For Floral Room Availability

Barn Cottage >> More Information

You can also include your holiday cottages in your website too. In fact, you can include up to 99 holiday cottages. Simply enter all the details you want and it will be included on your website.

Click Here For Barn Cottage Availability


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